Inside Wise Plans

“It’s not a case that should EdmontonDivorceMediation be tried,” one of Harry’s lawyers, Dan Rottenstreich, said in June to the New York Post, which reported that the developer had offered Linda $1 billion to walk away. Linda disputed that claim. “I have not seen that offer nor anything else like it,” she said. “If that is the offer, I will take it and we will be done tomorrow.” It’s hard to parse fact from fiction in the trial. Is the couple’s renowned art collection worth $625 million, or $1.4 billion? The lavish Plaza spread they shared worth $55 million, or $107 million ? Both sides are trying to water down their own assets in order to claim a bigger slice of the other’s. In Harry’s case, that means painting his real estate empire as fragile and at risk. The developer’s 65-unit condo at 200 East 59th Street has sold just three units after nearly a year, Bronstein said. His office-to-condo conversion at 1 Wall may be a dud, as heavy security at the nearby New York Stock Exchange could hinder easy access.

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