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Al D’Amato’s divorce from his decades younger wife just got even uglier — with Katuria Smith D’Amato accusing him of using their young children as pawns in the split. D'Amato gets custody EdmontonDivorceMediation of kids, restraining order after claiming wife is 'off her meds' Former US Sen. Al D’Amato obtained emergency custody of his... “My client tells me that her children are devastated. She’s getting daily phone calls with her children asking her when can I see her again,” Smith’s attorney, Joseph De Simone, told a Nassau County judge Wednesday. “Her son said, ‘Daddy says I’m never going to see you again.,’” De Simone recounted. D’Amato allegedly told his 9-year-old boy, “He’s making the decisions now,” according to De Simone. “Then he bought him a new Xbox and a new this and a new that to ply the child,” De Simone added. The former couple agreed to share custody of Luciana, 7, and Alfonso, 9, after a court-appointed attorney for the kids told the judge they missed their mom. “I have two clients to represent and they want to see their mother,” their lawyer, Mark Green, said. But Smith’s three days with her children must be supervised by her mother after D’Amato’s lawyer presented evidence that she allegedly suffers from a “psychotic disorder.” D’Amato, 80, gained temporary custody of the kids last week — two days after Smith, 51, filed for divorce after 14 years of marriage.

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